Reference soil Germany 14: Luvic Chernozem

Distribution of Chernozems

A deep, moderately well drained silt soil profile, rich in organic matter, derived from late-Pleistocene calcareous loess. At 2 m depth sand and gravel appear. The BC horizon has got several colours (10 YR 4/3, 10 YR 6/4, 10 YR 3/2, 10 YR 2/2)). The boundaries of the horizons are often irregular due to heavy bioturbation. The soil is used for crops, mainly a rotation of sugarbeets, wheat and barley/oats. (additional climatic data: insolation (hrs))

USDA-SCS (1975)

: Argiudoll fine-silty mixed mesic

Classification (other)


Niedersachsen, 4km N of Hildesheim at Harsum